I discovered my love for creative expression through painting as a child. I have since nurtured that love into a life-long passion. Today, I create mixed media analog collages on canvas, wood, and paper. They contain multiple layers of photographic pictures and art papers that I apply with gel medium. I then complete the collages with carton/paper cut-outs and painted elements and shapes. In some cases I use same elements in different pieces to illustrate that in my artistic universe everything is overarching interconnected.

Every collage is one of a kind.

I use mostly my own photographic images as the basis of the collages. My photography is inspired by the beauty of nature, my travels, my fascination for urban exploration and decay, and my love for old things and the mystical in general. But sometimes I use images of vintage original postcards, family photos, and old documents to set the right mood and tone for the piece.

My art shows surreal dreamscapes with a sentimental and nostalgic feel.

My desire for stillness and calmness away from reality, and the fascination for the eerie and ghostly leads me to explore and create surreal worlds where I can follow the path of the unknown and curious.

Worlds shrouded in mystery where stories can be retold and the forgotten be remembered.